You always lack the words when you feel a lot. Your tongue never follows the stream of your mind which subsequently makes you taciturn. Never consider about all those who do not speak or have the impaired tongues that they are impassive. Let us feel! There is no greater remedy for a sin than to be cognizant of it. If you succeed in making people realise, you are a great reformer.

Originally from Pakistan. Student of Ethics and Religions. I am not NESCIENT but IGNORANT. Therefore, I am ashamed of my ignorance… Man’s nature is said to be quite temperamental changing its moods now-and-then. Writing is the current fad, have no idea when it would fade away.

I like travelling. I admire Russian Literature (especially the genre of novels)  for the Russian writers have acute senses to describe everything they observed. They do not merely observe, rather they observe with emotions.

Can be contacted on rasheed.zafar@gmail.com

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