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2 6th April, 1984 –Blackout

History of Pakistan, from the very outset, has been blemished by grisly incidents including infamous resolutions, unwanted wars and silly coup d’états. The country is not which our ancestors dreamt of. Extremism turned out to be an undefeatable monster which devoured almost everything leaving the state into a scrawny skeleton. Due to this monster, the […]


“Why NO to Sharia-law”

Are religion and logic two poles apart? For some they are, and for others they aren’t. The freedom of thought and expression tinged with rationality and logic is (unrealistically or realistically) believed to be the propriety of ‘liberals’ only. Per contra, the peculiarities such as bigotry, fanaticism, narrow-mindedness, unreason et al are being considered to […]

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The Indefensible Silence of Media over the Sickening Slaughter of Qudoos

Every time I gripped my pen to write about the most sickening murder, imagery of deceased Master Abdul Qudoos would incapacitate my fingers to paralysis and my senses to numbness. I, too, am considerably cognizant of my disability to meet with the requisites of this very sore subject. The spokesman of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – […]