Why Become a Diarist?

Chronicles are one of the significant genres in Literature of any Language. Much of the history known to us has been derived out of these chronicles. If one is interested in the history of English language, literature or people, the chronicles are inevitable.

You come across various affairs in your daily rounds which are hard to put in a blog-piece due to one or the other reason. Sometimes hard to squeeze time for a blog-piece, sometimes the happenings are not of so importance that they need a blog-piece, but they surely need a mention. The diary is the best of the places for such accounts.

I envy the professional writers for they write for the sake of living, they write for the sake of writing, they have no job but writing. It is damningly hard to simultaneously run two jobs. Diaries are informal, I know, therefore should not be taken care of as compared to any of the piece which involves formal writing.

Am I running away? May be!


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