A Blogger’s Agony

A to-be-blogger

Buddies! It’s too much of mayhem, isn’t it? There must be something of humour too.

Starting my own Blog

Jaded by the monotony in life, I ventured to discover the arena of blogging. I happily surfed the bloggers of my interests. I read, read and read till I reached a point where I thought I must turn the corner. So, lit with a new hope, I created my own blog. Unlike some other bloggers, I wouldn’t want to elongate my blog with superfluous details about the inception of my blogging. (I am sure you would appreciate my little effort to shield you from further ennui.)

Prejudices in Blogging

I marvel at how time changes. There was a time when the art of writing was so mannish that the dames would pretentiously write with their masculine pseudonyms to attract their readers. The fact that ‘Jane Eyre‘ was not written by Currer Bell but Charlotte Brontë was revealed years after its publication. On the contrary, I am baffled upon the current state of affairs.

I am not a chauvinist. But be aware of the fact: that a trendy female, with the display of her morphed snap, could only meet the criterion for becoming a super-hit blogger. I feel sorry for the miserable plight of my gender-fellows (including me) who dared to take on blogging in spite of the presence of mighty rivals. (Hence, if someone takes the challenge, I believe, he deserves a thunderous applause.)

Every second human rights org is blindly running after the feminine rights as if the species of woman, just like that of a giant panda, is about to be extinct. These Human Rights Orgs are totally ignorant of this cruel cyber-world where so-called frail creatures so brutally hold the sway over the alleged robust males. SOS!

My own fairness: I always tried to convince myself by delusional arguments that the injustice you are always whining about is only one of your own sundry faults, although i never succeeded.

Sense of Accomplishment

Well, deliberately skipping the mention of those sufferings which one goes through to create a blog, I go, as the crow flies, to the chief point. So do I leave the labour  (under the yoke of which I spent hours tinkering with the blog) to the imagination of my reader.

Eventually, you are painstakingly done with your blog. Right after completing a blog, for a moment you feel so relaxed that you deem yourself to be, if not the best blogger, surely amongst one of the best bloggers in the world. Your feelings are akin to a mountaineer’s emotions who, interrupted by umpteen hurdles, strainingly climbs a precipitous alp and deems himself to be the greatest conqueror of (if not the whole world) that peak.

Now the agony begins…

Lo! This sense of accomplishment lasts only a moment since your blog is similar to a child who, after birth, lies unattended by his cruel father. Your blog is simply an orphan neglected by thousands around. How pathetic you feel when you find no patronage for your pampered baby. You run wanderingly form hither to tither, with the new-born infant in your lap, begging for mercy to the horrid mortals who call themselves blog-editors. Filled with atrocity, they are ever ready to render their services by all means to the frail creature while looking down upon the sterner sex as if you are more than an outcast. To put it simply, whomever you beseech to publish your blog, turns a deaf ear to you and bestially shows you a red card pointing towards the exit. Dejected, you are out of game. At that moment, you are nothing more than a turned-down lover.

Despite all this inhumane treatment, the yearning to become a hit-blogger is alight. What a horrific display of obstination: Instead of giving up like an esteemed man, you shamelessly with utmost stubbornness opt for the cheapest ways by pestering everybody around to read what you think of a master piece. Remorsefully I say, nobody would pay the slightest heed to what you wrote since it has not yet been published in anywhere.

Ah! Had you been in my shoes, would have felt the real pain. Jump in, if you are that brave.

  1. #1 by Higsboson on February 7, 2012 - 01:45

    Don’t worry….I have been down that path….wasn’t that brave and gave up after the first blog….so all the credit to you for sticking with it!

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