‘The one who is abused is an abuser’

I entreat you to try to embody yourself in the following characters;

“There is a 17 years old skinny boy who goes to a High School in a small town. He dreams himself to be a well-educated chap to help his country and people. He strives for that.

To his wonderment, one day he goes to his school and finds a group of his mates ready for a brawl which he never even thought of engaging in. The poor soul, unaware of his sins, is made to give in to lusty lads. Under the pretext of their holy war, they bang him severely. The only sin for which he bears the severity of their cruel punishment is none other than his faith. The culprits do not only incapacitate him to the extent that he is incapable of relating this offence to his headmaster, but go on demanding his suspension from the school. The headmaster, with the ease of a hungry beggar devouring a sweet morsel, boots the poor boy out of the school. The only bolthole he finds is his father to whom he complains of this injustice done to him. The father, with a wounded heart, goes to the headmaster and asks him to take his son back in the school for he is innocent and committed no crime. The principal, with a soldier’s resolution, stands firm on his decision, and tells the father to drop dead and be off his sight.

The defeated father goes back to his place and heals his son from the blows he took on his body and heart. He tells his son to remain silent and observe prayer, for there is no cure to this contagious pestilence they have been inflicted from. The petrified son has much to ask, but keeps quiet by listening to this fatal plague.

Meanwhile the parents look out for their son, a friend knocks on the door and tells the dad that the misery which he thought had ended with his son’s rustication from the school, was only a commencement. The expulsion of his son was not enough for the holy warriors to quench their thirst, but they wanted more. The friend tells the poor father that these men of faith have gone to the police station to lodge an FIR (First Information Report) under the Pakistan Penal Code 295-C against your son and 298-C against yourself, the punishment incurred could be a capital one. The father, who had yet to recover from the earlier shock, is subjected to another jolt. There he goes blind despite having open eyes, there you find a man deaf and dumb.

Disability of thinking prevails over his senses. But it wasn’t all. Soon he listens to a venomous breed in the holy place, which, through a bugle, trumpets nothing but only hate. The mullah says that the boy must be killed for he has defiled the Great Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. How contemptuous the Mullah is whence he mongers hate and urges people to pursue the boy and kill him on the spot.

The father, by these uninterrupted shocks, takes his son and flees the place.”

This is not a sheer story but a true account of the occurrences which took place in Khushab. The ill-fated boy is Sajeel Ahmad who, this time, fell prey to the sanctified Mullahs. He is on run with his father for the fear of further persecution and hides himself to an unknown place where these bigots would not get him and cut his head.

We have set a new phrase, ‘the one who is abused is an abuser’ (patented by only The Islamic Jamhoorya Pakistan).

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