Extremism, Part of Our Blood

We, as a nation, have something more in our blood than mere ‘red cells’, ‘white cells’ and ‘platelets’. As a matter of fact the laboratory of ‘sanity and justice’ carried a blood test of the nation which discovered an additional element in our blood. This malicious element running in our veins affects our senses and brains. This constituent of blood, first, makes us thin-skinned and hare-brained and consequently causes irrecoverable delirium and insanity to our heads. Yes! We call it ‘EXTREMISM’ – an inevitable part of our blood. Whether it be in the name of religion or in the name of so called ‘vanity’, the malady seems irremediable.

Maltreating the minorities is an insignia adorned on our chests as a symbol of ‘Islam’. We take pride in assaulting innocents in the name of religion. We carry out rallies in favour of transgressors. On the bases of religion, we expel those innocent children from their schools who have no slightest idea of what religion is. We punish people because they have committed the severest crime by taking birth in Pakistan. What an apathetic state!

The Hindus, the idolaters and our eternal foes, became wise enough and revolutionised their caste system. Hinduism, as a religion, has faced the worst censure for bearing discrimination to its followers by favouring some of its social classes and completely disregarding others. The long-run practices to supress Shudras – the most despicable group of Hindu jatis (castes) – are well recognized by theologists. The Hindus, our severest enemies, at least ennobled Shudras to cast a vote and entitled them their fundamental right to call themselves human beings. They, our neighbours and brethren in soil and culture, succeeded in rooting out their craving to subjugate their human fellows. On the other hand, we remorsefully have to assert that this inherited evil did not only limit itself by adhering to our people, but aggravated to the extent of melancholia.

I may not digress. We claim to have an independent judiciary taking unharnessed suo moto actions at the behest of its free will, ever happened in the history of our country. How ironical our free-judiciary is where ‘reverend’ criminals are acquitted with respect and honour but the victims turn out to be dupes playing in the hands of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

There has been no judge in Pakistan who dared to take care of the innocent children expelled from their schools because they belonged to Ahmadiyya sect. Where is the suo moto action when the capital punishment of a girl, who had already been expelled from her collage, is on demand by the bigots? Do you not deem it sufficient that she had already been deprived of her fundamental right i.e education? Nay, we want her head because our hunger to demand heads is insatiable.

Bear in mind, the institution where she has been booted out from is not a ‘madrassah’ but a varsity of science and technology patronized by Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South Asia (aka COMSATS) – an international organization. Recently, the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan has upgraded its status from the institutions to a university. It is top-ten ranked university in Pakistan. It offers a great variety of courses including Bioinformatics, Bio sciences, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Economics, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Pharmacy, Architecture, Business Studies et al. These many diverse fields of knowledge mean nothing, but knowledge, enlightenment and rationality. The alumnae of this institution should be considered moderate, wise and above all noetic, but on the contrary, due to a genetic blood disorder in our veins, we display our frenzied passions to demand Ahmadis beheaded in a flash. We cannot stand Ahmadis in our country any more.

The purpose of education is edification of our students. Science and technology make a way towards rationality and reason. But (there is a big regretful BUT) we beg foreign aids in order to inject extremism into the blood of our own youth. We deceive ourselves, we deceive our benefactors. We have audacious visions to deform Islam according to our cacoethes, for we bluntly defy reason and blindly believe in lunacy. Extremism is part of our blood.


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