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My Atrocious Loneliness

When heart sinks, With Unconscious limbs… The Soul seems to’ve been lost, Nothing  remains, hopes are dashed… Body is lively dead, No more respiration, Just weakness and perspiration, No more fight With life, All this happens, When you are not with me… Advertisements

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‘The one who is abused is an abuser’

I entreat you to try to embody yourself in the following characters; “There is a 17 years old skinny boy who goes to a High School in a small town. He dreams himself to be a well-educated chap to help his country and people. He strives for that. To his wonderment, one day he goes […]

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Extremism, Part of Our Blood

We, as a nation, have something more in our blood than mere ‘red cells’, ‘white cells’ and ‘platelets’. As a matter of fact the laboratory of ‘sanity and justice’ carried a blood test of the nation which discovered an additional element in our blood. This malicious element running in our veins affects our senses and […]

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