Gypsyish Soul

An excerpt from an autobiography;

“I, unaware of my dimensions, scattered as I grew old. I had no ends and no limits. Then I started knitting myself and found I might be able to write.

As soon as I try to walk I struttle and fall down. I get up and try to reach a point but again I am on knees. I give up walking and start imagining to fly instead. How one can fly without learning the art of walk? I can, but others can’t feel it. Through my imagination I walk, I fly and I cry. This is my inception and I have no slightest idea of where my completion would be.
Days and nights are to make you a part of this world, whereas the light and darkness lead you to somewhere out devoid of body and matter. I move little and think a lot, hence I believe in one God. The real life does not exist in you, but beyond you. How unhitched I am at one moment, and how framed I become at other. Despite million tries, I am helpless to keep my reigns in my hands. I am totally driven by unseen force, which pushed me from here to there, which draged me from far to near and put a full-stop to this piece of writing.”

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