Questions to PTI leader Imran Khan

I applaud Imran Khan for accumulating a huge number of people in Manto Park. However every sane is baffled upon how he made it possible whence the leading political parties had failed to do so, despite having bunch of stupid-orators yelling at each other for nothing and for everything. It remains a mystery. And it reminds of illusionary political history of Pakistan when each elected government was highly paid by UNKNOWN sources so as to put the powers at equilibrium.

I salute to the people who gathered after putting up with successive attacks of frustration. Kudos to their optimism and alas for their naivety.

Let us be real and ask Imran Khan of his ideology and aims. What does he make of Pakistan? What does the huge portrait of Jinnah hanging in the background during mammoth rally determine? What does he know about Jinnah? What is the significance of the portrait of Iqbal along with Jinnah? Does he know anything about his brethren Jama’at-e-Islami guys i.e. what their forefathers did and how they think Pakistan ought to be? What deos Islamisation of a country mean to him? Does he know the meanings of extremism? Does he know the difference between ‘school’ and ‘madrasa‘?

Pakistani politicians and quacks share the same features; because both allure the people into something which does not exist. The fact that lost vigour of a man cannot be restored by any quack at any cost has been established long ago. Have we not tried before the quacks having religious agendas in their hands to rule the country?


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